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Company Overview Company at a Glance
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Date of Establishment
27th March 1973
Reg. Capital
US$ 3.0 Millions

Jeannette Fan (Mrs)


Harry Fan


Ernest Sun

Management Team

Directors: C. H. Chiang, Jeannie Fan, Chris Liu, Susan Wang, Peter Wu

No. of Employees

120 (2009)


US$ 32.5 Millions (2007)

Product Focus

Plumbing/Tiling, Hand Power Tools, Auto Tools, Bathroomware, OEM Parts


Saniluxe Bathroomware, FUCO Tools, REX Auto Performance Tool, AutoServiceTool.com


Hilden (Germany), Bucks (England), Col. Limerick (Ireland), Tokyo (Japan)

Mainland China: Foshan, Hangzhou, Zhongshan, Canton, Ninbo, Wuxi, Zhejiang


Formosan United Corporation (FUCO) is a provider of DO-IT-YOURSELF products and other related goods. Since its foundation in 1973, FUCO operates as a one-source supply center for its trade partners around the world. Major trade partners are home centers, hypermarkets, hardware chain stores, importers and retailers.

Headquatered in Taipei Taiwan, Formosan is ranking among the largest, well acknowledged and credited companies in this field. Formosan is - and has always been - a most reliable business partner. We care that our employees are always committed to fair business conduct. The two founding persons of Formosan, Mr. Harry Fan and Mr. Ernest Sun, assure such a corporate policy. They are still heading the company, nowadays employing more than 100 highly qualified staff members worldwide.

Formosan is an international company. The production sites are regionally based in Taiwan and in Mainland China, whereas its trade partners are located throughout the world. Formosan sells to Europe (70% of the total sale), USA (17%), Japan (7%), Africa (4%) and other regions (2%). Likewise, Formosan maintains subsidiary and liaison offices in Europe, Japan as well as in China. Therefore, Formosan can be easily contacted either locally through these offices or directly via modern forms of communication.

Apart from production and trade-related activities, Formosan, through its coordinated global network, offers total-value-added services to its clients. Such services include assistance in product development; product design; product sourcing; the inspection and monitoring of the production process of its products (quality assurance); logistics for shipping; warranties for the products sold to its customers. In addition, Formosan offers full service to meet the demands of customers in regards of packaging design and/or brand labeling.

Furthermore, Formosan has developed its own brand products such as FUCO for tools, SANI-LUXE for Bathroom Accessories (joint venture factory in Xiamen, China), REX-Motor for Auto Performance Parts, and Autoservicetool.com

Organizational Structure

Formosan's organizational structure is designed to successfully meet the challenges from within a rapidly and permanently changing global business world. Flexibility, proficiency and efficiency are the appropriate terms to describe best our corporate philosophy in this respect. We believe in teamwork.

There is a permanent flow of information among the different sections of Formosan. Accordingly, our offices are designed in a way that easily enables our staff members to move temporarily from one office space to the other to better concentrate on one of the projects.

Basically, the teams within our divisions and units cooperate along both geographically and product-oriented lines. Yet, ad-hoc teams combining skills from Formosan's different expert groups are established. They work on so-called projects, which identify, evaluate and execute the specific needs and demands of our customers as accurately and advantageously as possible. Our experts complement each other, their expertise is available to the colleagues at any time.

In general, Formosan organizational structure consists of a main divisions: DIY Product Division:

This division develops, selects and supplies products of high quality in which are sold through home centers, chain stores and other relevant partners.

How We Operate: The DIY Division consists of two major groups: Product Category and Regional. In fact, grouped by Category is subdivided into further minor units. Each unit is headed by a Category Manager leading a team of 3~10 professionals. These specialists could easily establish such aforementioned ad-hoc teams with a different unit if deemed necessary.

Likewise, the regional group consists of several units headed by so called Country Managers, also leading a team of 3~10 experts in various field. They service and promote sales activities in one particular country or region such as UK, USA, Germany, France, Japan, South Africa and several others.

At same time these experts help to ensure high quality and competitive prices of the products supplied, they visit on a regular basis the production sites wherever located. In some cases, Liaison Offices are contacted and assigned to follow such task if the goods were produced in remote areas, particularly, in the Mainland China. For such task, Formosan established 7 chinese offices strategically located in Fo-shan, Hang-zhou, Zhong-Shan, Ning-Bo, Canton, Zhe-jiang and Wu-Xi. This is how we obtain first-hand information about the quality of our products and the most favorable prices for our customers.

Other minor Units consist of Art and Product Services. Both units play a crucial role in backing up Product Category and Regional Groups. In fact, Product Services Unit is one of the companyˇ¦s backbones working round-the-clock, consisting of experts with mechanical and electrical roots responsible not only for the quality check of the products and production sites, but dominantly specialized in outsourcing and monitoring the Asian producers for newly items and innovative products from multiple origins. Experts from this unit travel a lot, they exert the function of modern explorers within a boundless business world nowadays. Their aim is to meet our buyers' specifications and target prices with maximum accuracy. Staffs in this unit cooperate with liaison offices and work closely with Category and Country Managers as well, accompanying and advising them on their visits to the production sites.

Therefore, our experts contribute to the success of business on two fronts: They play a key role in our total-value-added service to our clients; on the other hand, they explore the most favorable options for the clients through close contacts and cooperation with the source of the products, with the manufacturers: They mediate between clients and producers in a most efficient and professional way.


Today, Formosan continues to develop innovative products and services that meet the demands of OEM applications. Relying on its in-house design, tooling, plastic injection capabilities and world-class testing labs, Formosan provides with quick cost-effective solutions for any custom designed applications. 



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